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I usually romanise lyrics and translate it before moving onto the next one, but I've been busy procrastinating, and romanising is easier, and I did amu's song because I wanted to sing it, soo, here you are. =v=;;;
I'll definitely catch up on replying to your comments later today! But I read them soon after you post them, be assured =w= /stalks from school

lyrics: amu
composition: 井の頭P (Inogashira-P)
arrangement: 井の頭P (Inogashira-P)
vocals: amu
from: Hiwaily*2

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Liar Girl

lyrics: りせは (Riseha)
composition: 井の頭P (Inogashira-P)
arrangement: 井の頭P (Inogashira-P)
vocals: りせは (Riseha)
from: Hiwaily*2

| nicovideo | youtube | Kogeinu's cover

romaji and translation )
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キミトボク (Kimi to Boku)
You and Me

lyrics: Ren
composition: 磯P (IsoP)
arrangement: 磯P (IsoP)
vocals: Ren
from: Hiwaily*2

romaji and translation )

I didn't get a very good grasp on this song, and it was also difficult trying to word it in a way that made sense.
-> Vague translation. m(_ _)m
Got help from Nikki for two lines ♥
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My Dear

lyrics: Mi-chan
composition: Ren
arrangement: Ren, TEPPAN
vocals: Mi-chan
from: Hiwaily*2

romaji and translation )


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