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2010-09-15 01:59 am

[sticky entry] Sticky: Intro Post

Hello, welcome to my journal.

I'll be posting romanised lyrics of Vocaloid/Utaite-related songs and Utattemita-related downloads (namely Utaite recordings). The lyrics will be cross-posted at eternalsnow and the downloads in my journal will be locked, drop me a comment for access in this post.
Also, I've stolen the tag system from Nikki because it's too awesome. (Jokes, I got permission.)

Rules concerning downloads:
1) Please do not upload to video-sharing sites such as Youtube.
2) Don't take the downloads out of this journal. If you want mirrors, just request it.
3) Making your own MP3 rips from videos is fine, but the above two rules still apply.
(If you want me to make MP3 rips, I'll be happy to.)

Concerning the (amateur) English translations:
Don't take them out. It's embarrassing and some of them aren't that accurate.
They're there to give you the feel of the song and for me to practice my Japanese.
Thanks ;w;
I've also taken liberties where the direct English translation is awkward by substituting etc.

And finally, I love comments. :D

Enjoy the Utattemita fandom!

Also, you can contact/chat with me any-time on my Twitter (:
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2010-12-22 03:08 am
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Hatsune Miku - crack (keeno)

lyrics: keeno
composition: keeno
arrangement: keeno

nicovideo | youtube | lyrics
nicovideo | youtube | Ryo-kun's cover
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2010-12-20 12:12 pm

Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len - Hikari Zakura (LiveP and DevilishP)

lyrics: ライブP (Live-P)
composition: ダルビッシュP (Devilish-P)
arrangement: ダルビッシュP, ライブP (Devilish-P, Live-P)
guitar: ダルビッシュP (Devilish-P)

| nicovideo | youtube | lyrics |
| nicovideo | youtube | amu and Jigitan's cover

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2010-12-13 05:41 am

Isaji and Kaito - Lion Utattemita ♂ (Macross Frontier)

As requested by Himu ww
I am NOT going to translate this XD

| nicovideo | youtube
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2010-12-09 07:16 am

Megurine Luka and GUMI - HAPPII SHINSESAIZA (Easy Pop)

 =ω= The romaji is already up for this on animelyrics, but the spacing pissed me off, so I redid it w

Happy Synthesiser

lyrics: Easy Pop
composition: Easy Pop
arrangement: Easy Pop
singer: Megurine Luka and GUMI

| nicovideo | youtube | lyrics |
| nicovideo | youtube | terry and Any's cover

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2010-10-31 04:04 am

ShounenT - Kimi Ijou, Boku Miman (Deco*27)

I've romanised the rap lyrics created and sung by ShounenT in his cover of the song.
Romaji lyrics for it are already available, so I'll only include the line before his rap begins at ~2.11

| nicovideo | youtube | ShounenT's cover

romaji only )
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2010-10-29 04:18 am

Amu - Kagerou (InogashiraP)

I usually romanise lyrics and translate it before moving onto the next one, but I've been busy procrastinating, and romanising is easier, and I did amu's song because I wanted to sing it, soo, here you are. =v=;;;
I'll definitely catch up on replying to your comments later today! But I read them soon after you post them, be assured =w= /stalks from school

lyrics: amu
composition: 井の頭P (Inogashira-P)
arrangement: 井の頭P (Inogashira-P)
vocals: amu
from: Hiwaily*2

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2010-10-19 02:36 am

Hatsune Miku - Shotgun Lovers (Noboru↑P)

Shotgun Lovers

lyrics: Noboru↑P
composition: Noboru↑P
arrangement: Noboru↑P
singer: Hatsune Miku

| nicovideo | youtube | Ren's cover

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2010-10-18 10:52 pm

Smiley*2G Nama - Timeshift it! o 3o
Don't have the time to translate the page, unfortunately, but it's just generally describing the school where it'll take place.
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2010-10-15 10:09 pm

Piko - Story (samfree)


lyrics: Piko
composition: samfree
arrangement: samfree
vocals: Piko

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2010-10-15 12:01 am


Just started my last year of high-school, so I won't be as active here as I could ;w;
But my prioritising sucks and I have no discipline, so we'll see.
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2010-10-10 05:27 am

Hatsune Miku - Yubikiri (YanagomoP)


lyrics: Aya
composition: YanagomoP
arrangement: YanagomoP
singer: Hatsune Miku

Note that these lyrics use "watashi" which clear sings in his cover in his Dearest album. The original uses "atashi".

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2010-10-01 01:50 am

ASK - d's (工藤重基)

lyrics: ASK
composition: 工藤重基 (No idea which way those characters are read, so many combinations, hurhur.)
arrangement: 工藤重基
vocals: ASK
from: G.W.NICOLAI LIMITED 2nd STAGE - Splash Beat !! -
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2010-09-28 03:12 am

Riseha - Liar Girl (InogashiraP)

Liar Girl

lyrics: りせは (Riseha)
composition: 井の頭P (Inogashira-P)
arrangement: 井の頭P (Inogashira-P)
vocals: りせは (Riseha)
from: Hiwaily*2

| nicovideo | youtube | Kogeinu's cover

romaji and translation )
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2010-09-24 08:33 pm
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About: Time-shift System in Nico Namahousou

I don't think this guide is very friendly for monitors with low resolution. If you have problems with images jutting out of the entry border, I can repost an alternative guide with the images resized.

the guide ) Further questions and comments are welcomed!
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2010-09-19 06:11 pm
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ぺろぺろ Highlight =v=


心拍数♯0822を 歌ってみた【nero】 (5:22) #nicovideo #sm12154218 中学の頃から好きでした。結婚してくだs

I've liked you since middle school. Please marry me.


僕達、ぺろぺろから始めましょう! RT @clear_clear: 心拍数♯0822を 歌ってみた【nero】 (5:22) #nicovideo #sm12154218 中学の頃から好きでした。結婚してくだs

Let's start it from ぺろぺろ!
English for ぺろぺろ(highlight) -> licking.
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2010-09-19 03:50 am

Ren - Kimi to Boku (IsoP)

キミトボク (Kimi to Boku)
You and Me

lyrics: Ren
composition: 磯P (IsoP)
arrangement: 磯P (IsoP)
vocals: Ren
from: Hiwaily*2

romaji and translation )

I didn't get a very good grasp on this song, and it was also difficult trying to word it in a way that made sense.
-> Vague translation. m(_ _)m
Got help from Nikki for two lines ♥
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2010-09-18 05:36 pm

Time-shift limit change!!

v v v v v Okay, I've just confirmed it. v v v v v
※ ご利用件数は、(プレミアム会員 30件,一般会員 10件)となります。

Free members now have 10 time-shifts!
Premiums get 30 (whoa) !!

Here are some links to get you using up those slots!

Nicoraji: Monday


Guests: Asamaru and Jack

Nicoraji: Tuesday


Guests: clear and nero (Not that you can't tell)

Nicoraji: Wednesday 

水曜ニコラジ★ゲスト歌い手『蛇足』&『GERO』生登場! リベンジか!?

Guests: Dasoku and Gero
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2010-09-18 01:26 am

About: Seats/Tachimi System in Nico Nama

BEFORE I START: I habitually call the first section of namas the "seating area". Self-named and it stuck. Standing section, seated section, yeah. You'll find that a large majority of people call it the arena.

so without further ado... )

If I've missed out on anything, or my wording is just too dodgy and incomprehensible, please do comment me so I can improve this guide! Hope this helps people somehow.
Next guide will be about the Time-shift System..
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2010-09-17 08:56 pm




The way of holding a DS is funnehh.


@_amatsuki_ DSってなに?DTの亜種?

What's a DS? A sub-species of *DT?

*((Dee Tee (DT) - An abbreviation for "doutei," meaning virgin/cherry boy.)) - From NicoWiki

Amatsuki cracked up. =v=
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2010-09-17 07:18 pm

Mi-chan - My Dear (Ren)

My Dear

lyrics: Mi-chan
composition: Ren
arrangement: Ren, TEPPAN
vocals: Mi-chan
from: Hiwaily*2

romaji and translation )