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Sep. 15th, 2010 01:59 am
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Hello, welcome to my journal.

I'll be posting romanised lyrics of Vocaloid/Utaite-related songs and Utattemita-related downloads (namely Utaite recordings). The lyrics will be cross-posted at eternalsnow and the downloads in my journal will be locked, drop me a comment for access in this post.
Also, I've stolen the tag system from Nikki because it's too awesome. (Jokes, I got permission.)

Rules concerning downloads:
1) Please do not upload to video-sharing sites such as Youtube.
2) Don't take the downloads out of this journal. If you want mirrors, just request it.
3) Making your own MP3 rips from videos is fine, but the above two rules still apply.
(If you want me to make MP3 rips, I'll be happy to.)

Concerning the (amateur) English translations:
Don't take them out. It's embarrassing and some of them aren't that accurate.
They're there to give you the feel of the song and for me to practice my Japanese.
Thanks ;w;
I've also taken liberties where the direct English translation is awkward by substituting etc.

And finally, I love comments. :D

Enjoy the Utattemita fandom!

Also, you can contact/chat with me any-time on my Twitter (:
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